contemporary fashion label for kids based in Italy

A “knitwear only” total look collection.
The guiding idea is to create sweaters, dress, pants, jackets and refined accessories on a relaxed, everlasting style.
Classic search of style mixed with unconventional new materials.
Each collection celebrates the tradition and culture of the Italian Alps: warm and soft sweaters in colors that remind us of nature, woods, flowers, lawns, mountains .... .
The looks recall the past in order to create a contemporaneous poetics.
All fabrics/yarns are handled expertly by Italian manufacturers.


The SS22 collection continues the path of last summer, of beach holidays.
This time it was decided to spend them in the mountains, in the Italian Alps, close to home.
August was the perfect month, away from the confusion, surrounded by nature.
Around the house there were only pastures for cows and a large green pine forest.
During the day the sun was very strong and hot, but in the evening everything became cool.
I've never loved the mountains so much, but one of the few things I liked to do was to wear cotton sweaters at sunset.
Often they were striped shirts, with geometric motifs and of many colors.
My wardrobe at the end of the bed, an old wooden cabinet with a delicious lavender scent, was full of clothes.
This collection wants to rediscover that wardrobe of many years ago, always so contemporary in my memory .... summer
began in the mountains.


The aw21 collection is inspired by Wes Anderson, director, set de- signer, architect, artist.... (among his favorite films, the Isle of Dogs, The Grand Budabest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited, Hotel Che- valier ...).
Of all his works I have always loved the use of colors, atypical, abnormal, simple in the balance between good and bad taste. Wes Anderson for the aw21 collection was a point of reference, but in reality it has always been.
Just like Wes (it seems that for each of his films color is the beginning), I imagined this new collection starting from the co- lors, selecting a color chart, the yarns, the models and then I assembled everything .....
In this collection I also tried to imagine how I would dress his actors (children and adults) in one of his films case he had called me as a costume designer ....

SS21 ITALY 1982

The ss21 collection starts from a trip, or rather from the trips we made going to the sea (we lived in the mountains) in the 80s, in July.
We left at night, me my brother and my parents, to Abruzzo where we had a house there.
This collection tries to reconstruct what was in the suitcases or at least what I imagine could have been.
A set of colors and designs all ordered together, all prepared to spend the month of July at the beach, was 1982 ......



only cruelty free / metal free
sizes from 1 ( 12-24 months) to 11 years

Size Guide

1Y(12-24M) 94CM
2Y(2-3Y) 100CM
4Y(4-5Y) 110CM
6Y(6-7Y) 120CM
8Y(8-9Y) 130CM
10Y(10-11Y) 140CM